We at Clan4Cash are working hard to give back to users the control of their data.

And we develop platforms either web or app, custom made for our customers.

Development of Social Platforms

Let your imagination fly away.

Wether your social platform aims to unite ants lovers or burgers haters, just get in touch and we’ll develop it!

Fly high!

We aim for a great result in our platform developments. So great that users will have very much fun when they surf them!

Work Hard, Party Harder!

We perform an exhaustive research on user’s needs and customer’s expectations.

Therefore the result is not only custom-made, but tailored to the inch!

Dive deep into customer needs

We will sail offshore into the wild sea, until we find the right approach for your platform.

Don’t be afraid to ask for new functions, we enjoy challenges!

Explore beyond the standards

Our core features

User’s Data means User’s Profit

Our goal as a company is give back to the user the value of its online data.

We havecreated Clan4Cash with the goal of developing platforms where users benefit directly from uploading and sharing their data online.


We are constantly learning cutting-edge technologies.

Customer requested functionalities are as different as our customers wills, so we keep ourselves flexible and adaptative to develop custom-made platforms anytime.

Work Hard, Party Harder!

Our goal is to develop user friendly platforms, so the users really enjoy using them.

We work non-stop on improving the User Interface and User Experience in our platforms. The results are social sites where people can interact with like-minded individuals, meet them, and have fun!

"We are 99% hard work + 2% talent"
What we can offer you

Platforms & Hybrid Web Apps

You need a complex, functional website/application? We can do it for you, tailor-made. We have the technical and visual expertise to develop your platform,

Graphic & Product Design

We master the main techniques in the market to provide you with a seamsless design. We develop graphic content to market your services; graphic design, 3D mockups of your products, video & photography.


We code and develop e-commerce platforms. Beyond that, if you need a database of users/products/services to develop your ebusines, we can create a functional one for you!

Our team

Ismael García

There are lots of challenges out there, let’s have fun and achieve them by doing our best!

Hugo Lisbona

My main interests are design, playing team-sports and sailing.

 Clan 4 Cash is a Luxembourgish stablished company, under the definition of Clan 4 Cash s.à.r.l.-S.

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